Solar cells

Organic solar cells - produced as flexible print roll-to-roll

Mekoprint produces complete, organic solar cells on roll for integration in customized products as stand-alone energy source or as a backup in low-consuming products or products in networks. Examples of applications for solar cells are in sensors, RF communication, RFID track-and-trace products and marketing materials.


Solar cells are produced in the same production facillity and employing the same technology as for the production of single- and double-sided flexible printed circuits.


With more than 20 years of experience in high-volume printing,
Mekoprint continuously optimizes
its production
and invests in new technology to maintain its position
as a supplier of first-class quality
at competitive low prices.

Solar cells and other high-volumen flex prints
produced by Mekoprint goes through
an optimized roll-to-roll screen printing process.



 Solar cells produced on roll go through the following production processes:

  1. Roll-to-roll screen printing of etch resist on ITO
  2. Roll-to-roll etching of ITO and subsequent stripping of etch resist
  3. Roll-to-roll slot-die coating of electron transport layer, photo-active polymer, and hole-transport polymer
  4. Roll-to-roll screen printing of silver contacts
  5. Roll-to-roll lamination of encapsulation
  6. Roll-to-roll solar cell characterization
  7. Slicing and delivery on rolls or
  8. Laser cutting, SMD mounting and integration into final product.


This technology allows for

  • high automation
  • low cost with complex structures in high volumes
  • high precision 
  • high repeatability.


This makes Mekoprint highly competitive among suppliers worldwide, including Far East manufacturers.


Mekoprint has competencies in design for manufacturing of printed electronics, handling of printable organic materials and related manufacturing processes and technologies. In short, technologies from the laboratories are converted into mass-scale production.

Besides producing solar cells and high-volume flexible print Mekoprint functions as a partner in all processes from idea to final solution.


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Please contact Mekoprint's sales department for high-volumen flexible print for a dialog about cooperation or a non-committal offer.

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